Coyote Slim is a modern songster, who plays traditional blues and old-time songs often interjected with stories and verses drawn from his own experiences working in the outdoors in California's mountains, woods, and urban jungles.

He has performed at several festivals, recorded at BigTone studios, and on his own expense produced several shows in California showcasing other blues talent, an endeavor he hopes to continue post COVID.

In 2012, Coyote Slim first applied the phrase "California Delta Blues" to the music he had been performing since the late 1990s.  This African American musical tradition first brought to the farmlands and shipyards of Stockton, Richmond, and Los Angeles primarily by migrants from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. 


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In addition to numerous farmers markets, BBQ joints, and other small venues, Coyote Slim has played at the following festivals:

Coahoma-Sonoma Blues Festival 2012 (Petaluma, CA

North Bay Hootenanny 2013 and 2014 (Santa Rosa, CA)

Rivertown Revival 2013 (Petaluma, CA)


MusikFest 2015 (Bethlehem, PA)


Vintage Vibe Festival (Palm Springs, CA)


Contemporary Native Arts Festival 2019 (Prescott, AZ)